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Why your eCommerce Order Fulfillment Centers' location can Affect your Online Business

Worldwide shipping map
WorldWide Shipping Map

We’ve all heard the cliché that location matters, whether in business, real estate or even a vacation destination. The hardest part about owning an online e-commerce business is finding a physical presence to establish your business. Although your online storefront might exist in a virtual world, your shipping and fulfillment center has to be planted firmly on solid ground which is why its location can either make or break your e-commerce business.

Ask any single consumer in the world what their opinion is of online shopping and you’ll get a million different answers, but ask those same consumers what their top priority is when placing an online order and shipping times will be #1 almost every single time. Online business owners need to know that when it comes to customer experience, quick and accurate deliveries are the most vital part of the supply chain and that choosing the write fulfillment center provides a wide range of benefits. Now that we’ve explained the consumers mindset its time to figure out where your e-commerce order fulfillment center needs to be located and why.

The Impact of E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers Location

The fulfillment center is the single most important part of your business. Although you might not think its location will directly affect your business I implore you to think again. The fulfillment centers location plays a critical and vital part in the end experience of your customers.

Let’s say you decide on a fulfillment center in the middle of the United States because of the lower associated fulfillment costs, did you take into account that you now have to pay the freight costs to get it there from the coast or that your customers are expecting fast and often FREE shipping which has to be absorbed from somewhere? Sure you might be “saving” money up front but the reduction in revenue through expenditure will cripple your business over time. Your customers might be happy their shipping was free but add an extra 2-3 days to the process for delivery and I can guarantee they will find your competitor who has a lower cost on the exact same product and will not be a repeating customer. You see the idea of having the most ideal location for a fulfillment center is simple, the shorter the distance the package has to travel to your customer or from a port, the less money you have to pay for shipping. By spending less you enable your online business to offer a product for less which in turn drives your business while crippling your competitors. You see how that turned around from you loosing money and customers to gaining customers and making more money.

Black Mountain Fulfillment in Las Vegas, Nevada is precisely the ideal location which is why it is located in a state that offers fantastic benefits for business owners as well as offering Thousands of flights inbound and outbound daily which means more packages getting to more places faster and cheaper. The relative proximity to the ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles mean quicker arrival times for LTL or FTL shipments to Black Mountain as well as enabling faster delivery times to your consumers. Rest assured Black Mountain Fulfillment is your top solution for all of your e-commerce order fulfillment needs.

Black Mountain Fulfillment and Its Strategic Location Benefitting You

If you’ve made it this far I’m sure we’ve caught your interest. The number one driving force behind any online retailer should be the customer experience. I mean you could do it all yourself and have some success or you could find the cheapest fulfillment center in a geographic area (you get what you pay for) which may tend to hampering your ability to grow your business.

Understanding that fulfillment centers are an integral part of your business is the first step in allowing your business the opportunity it deserves to grow. With Black Mountain Fulfillment handling your order fulfillment, you will then have the real ability to grow and expand far beyond your own backyard and onto the world stage.

Being centrally located in Las Vegas, Nevada we can currently reach the continental US with an average of 1 day to 2.6 days strictly based on our location and the air traffic coming into and out of the area. 13 surrounding states average a 1.5 day delivery schedule and with strategic partnerships growing around the country we expect those numbers to be around 1.2 days to all 48 continental states. International shipments? We have those covered as well. With our network of expediters we can ship to over 200 countries worldwide with tracking information for your and your customers within 5-7 business days.

Sounds too good to be true? Well we also put our money where our mouth is and guarantee same day shipping or it’s free. We understand the demands of owning an online eCommerce store and that your customers want items they ordered today, delivered yesterday. Being able to reach those customers worldwide and within the United States quickly is how Black Mountain Fulfillment helps both your online shoppers and many e-commerce business owners get the most accurate, and fastest fulfillment times possible.

If you’re ready or in the process of seeking a partner for your fulfillment center, please contact any member of our sales staff who can explain our 3-PL (third party logistics) solutions for all of your B2B and B2C needs

We love hearing your input. Go ahead and leave your comments below!

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