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Warehouse Shelves


We know how important it is to process your eCommerce orders efficiently and accurately. That is why we offer the following:

  • Same Day Shipping on all orders received by 12pm PST.

  • All returns processed within 1 business day of receipt.

  • Cloud Based inventory management alerts in real time.

  • Dedicated account managers that know your brand needs.

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Image of Black Mountain CEO Brian Lint

Brian Lint

CEO and CoFounder

Brian started his first business when he was 18 years old by operating a sports memorabilia and promotion company. At an early age his entrepreneurial spirit made him a success. He has since kept that spirit alive with a variety of service businesses. Most recently by starting a business from scratch and turning it into a multi-million dollar company in less than 3 years.  Brian's dedication to both his clients as well as his staff makes it easy for strong business relationships to develop and flourish.  Rest assured Brian will go above and beyond to ensure the success of your company while you're free to focus on it's growth.

COO and CoFounder

James Petronella

Coming from a law enforcement background, James has been able to quickly identify areas of risk management and help reduce shrinkage for our clients. While possessing both a strong background in marketing, along with his ability to deal with stressful situations. James has been able to help bring a fresh perspective to our client's campaigns while planning the most effective ways to increase productivity; By reducing inefficiency.  Priding our 99.9% accuracy rate, James knows what it takes to develop and nurture relationships in all aspects of the business.

Image of Black Mountain CEO Brian Lint

Brandon Degrate 
Shipping and Receiving Manager

Brandon came to Black Mountain just as we began to expand our operation.  After months and months of working other temporary jobs without being offered the opportunity for growth we felt he was worth his weight in gold and hired him on as a full-time member of the Black Mountain Family.  From the humblest beginnings as a dock worker, Brandon excelled and showed true leadership skills by being both hands on and having a team first mentality. 

Brandon’s lead by example mentality not only endeared him with his fellow team members but also with the owners of Black Mountain Fulfillment, they knew you should never judge a book by its cover. Realizing that having someone as dedicated and hardworking as Brandon deserved a positional promotion.  As our shipping and receiving manager, Brandon still works closely overseeing the dock team and has become the right hand of our logistics coordinator Todd.  With these two key team members preparing for incoming and outgoing shipments we can ensure that all of our customers have product builds that match their requirements and that products arriving are correct.  


Todd Dobbins
Logistics Coordinator

The secret to Black Mountain's same day guarantee is Todd. On a Daily basis Todd brings his strong, motivated, and detail oriented mind to our fulfillment process.  Crafting an intuitive and adaptive approach, Todd has taken his years of experience, working in various warehouse roles and adapted them into the realm of Ecommerce fulfillment.  Whether he's leading the operations staff or recruiting new talent into the organization, Todd is the consummate professional that leads through example and mental strength.

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Andrea Gee
Director of Operations

After transitioning from a world where Andrea was planning events for dignitaries, heads of state and A list celebrities, she felt the need to continue her own personal growth.  This growth came from learning the intricacies of becoming a successful entrepreneur by starting and eventually selling her own event planning company in the heart of NYC. Starting out from the inception of Black Mountain, (she was our only account manager and saleswoman.) Andrea took the skills she honed from planning events involving hundreds of moving pieces, along with her background in sales to quickly prove that she was a force to be reckoned with in the fulfillment industry.  The growth we have experienced all began with this powerhouse of a leader. While leading her team with sales or overseeing our biggest accounts as our Director of Sales and Account Management, again Andrea has proven how valuable she continues to be for our company.  The natural progression for such a hard working and dedicated woman was to request a challenge yet again.  It was at this point where we knew that her leadership, as well as her ability to orchestrate the daily operations of both the warehouse and administrative teams made her the perfect fit for another bigger move. As our Director of Operations, Andrea’s goal of augmenting the efficiency of the company’s operations and ensuring that the accelerated development of the business is not straying from our founding principles. This is a challenge that has and will continue to meet head on.

thumbnail (1)_edited.jpg

Andi Leon Loyde
Operations Assistant

Andi is the reason why Black Mountain is able to run with such an effective and streamlined operation.  After evaluating our daily procedures, it became very evident that her lead by example attitude and determination would maximize Black Mountain's efficiency. Embracing the challenges of being a liaise between departments while working closely with both James and Brian has truly showcased her strong interpersonal skills. From being able to deal with vendors, management, employees, and clients of different personalities, Andi truly has become the cornerstone to Black Mountain's foundation.

About: About

Skyla Johnson 
Administrative Assistant

At Black Mountain Fulfillment, we owe our success to our people and our processes.  Skyla is the supportive force behind both, and we are excited that she has taken over the helm. We knew early on that she would be the perfect fit for this role as she has not disappointed.  Skyla is both a problem solver with excellent communication skills and has impeccable attention for detail. Skyla's ability to multitask, manage our owners complex schedules, and meet our ever changing deadlines has made her the backbone to our continued success. 


Gaby Romphf
Human Resources Manager

As we continue our growth we knew we needed someone to take full responsibility of overseeing the administrative functions of our business.  We knew the perfect candidate was already working closely with us and had endeared herself to our owners. Having years of experience in warehousing and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in handling employee related issues, Gaby's nurturing personality was the perfect fit for our family first approach to e-Commerce fulfillment.  Gaby's ability to recruit quality team members, her ability to communicate effectively as well as keeping internal performance at peak levels, we knew Gaby was on top of a short list of highly qualified candidates.

We are lucky to have her as the newest member of our team and are confident that the sky is the limit for her as we continue to build our team


Black Mountain Fulfillment was founded by Brian Lint and James Petronella after spending a combined 25 years in the Fulfillment industry. 
Having fine tuned the skills needed to get the job done right, these entrepreneurs set out to change the way business was handled in a rapidly growing market. Seeing the potential growth from establishing a centralized fulfillment center in the airport corridor of Las Vegas, NV. James and Brian quickly hit the ground running within weeks of opening Black Mountain and haven't looked back. With Black Mountain Fulfillment, you are more than just another number. We view ourselves as not just a vendor, but a true partner in your business. Rest assured knowing that we will do everything possible to help your business succeed. Each member of our staff understands our mission and are held to the highest degree of accountability. Every member of the team is highly trained to manage all aspects of your campaign, ensuring the highest quality performance for our clients. Black Mountain Fulfillment is the only choice to handle all of your fulfillment needs.

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