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What is Nutaceutical Fulfillment

Updated: Apr 9

Nutraceutical Warehouse bottle

To simply state that Nutraceutical fulfillment is anything more then fulfilling an order for a product someone purchases online would be an understatement. Simply defined a Nutraceutical product is a food or fortified food product that not only supplements the diet but also assists in treating or preventing a variety of physical ailments, although Nutraceuticals are not regulated to the extent of pharmaceutical drugs, many consumers see the benefits of natural remedies.

In today's world people are consciously making efforts to maintain personal health and overall improve their lifestyle. This industry currently generates over $300 Billion dollars in sales in the United States alone and it's expected that by 2025 this industry will surpass $580 Billion dollars in revenue. These numbers clearly point to the obvious fact that maintaining ones personal health is a huge part of an American consumers life, and that nutraceuticals will continue to play a bigger and bigger role in that process.

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The fulfillment process for nutraceuticals follows the same lines as the fulfillment process for all eCommerce online sales. It is the total process of caring for the customer and delivering the product. However, in the case of nutraceuticals it is imperative that the online consumer receives their product in a timely manner. Finding a fulfillment center that has a proven history of working within the nutaceutical space is extremely important. These fulfillment centers understand the specific product types and the way they must be stored, packaged and shipped. Using state of the art technology has greatly changed the way product fulfillment now happens, as well as how fulfillment centers can help your business to grow.

In today's online world, fulfillment centers have an integrated software solution that allows them to keep track of everything in the warehouse, every order placed, and all deliveries scheduled. This process of real time information gathering is based on a WMS or Warehouse Management System. Having this in place has helped many small to even very large online businesses to streamline. Many business models are literally structured around this method of software based fulfillment to make sure each step of the sale from purchase to delivery goes smoothly. In fact, some eCommerce online fulfillment centers take running smooth fulfillment to the next level. Some companies have a fulfillment processes that is so smooth, they offer a same day shipping guarantee. This new business model has emerged through innovation and dedication for many b2c companies. It's just another way companies can truly show their dedication to each of their clients and understanding the needs of their clients customers.

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