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What is a B2B Marketplace? Why you should know for your business

The importance of B2B Marketplaces for 3PLs and Ecommerce Businesses


Back to back marketplaces (B2B) is the method of using more than 1 marketplace to sell goods and services over the internet. There has been a rapid increase in businesses using multiple outlets then before due to the demand for products, but the products not getting the attention they deserve when they are backlogged on one marketplace compared to another.

You’re a apparel company that has an outstanding amount of SEO invested into your website where you sell your products online. Business is great! But you know it could be better, you invested in Google ads to help promote your business but unfortunately you aren’t making the necessary profit yet to afford better advertising that you need to give you that extra push against other brands. How are you able to compete with them when they are getting shuffled up higher anyway or do have the funds to advertise their products more then you do? You invest into another market!

Amazon is the winning factor in this situation, they provide amazing analytics for your products data and will basically promote your product regardless of advertising. But why stop at just Amazon? Sure they are the industry leader but there is always the potential for further growth in your business when you hit all facets. Other marketplaces like ebay have even seen a rise in new products and services being sold under full fledge business start ups in the past few years and its only gonna increase. Etsy a business that prides its self in user crafted products has seen a tremendous rise in start up businesses increasing their revenue stream thanks to their platform.

You shouldn’t feel discouraged to promote your goods off your own website. The point of good business practices is to take full advantage of everything and anything that can push you past issues you might be facing to better your revenue stream and your outreach. If your site is not being promoted as well as it should be, and is causing a block in potential consumers coming your way, it may be helpful to check into other markets to see if listing your products there as well could benefit your business.

The great thing about all of this though is no matter which route you decide to take, because its still fulfilled by your business and its your product, your 3PL service is still going to be the same if not better as they’ll see an increase in inventory demand and shipping services which is ideal for good service! Here at Black Mountain we can help you bridge that gap in getting your goods and services fulfilled that way you can meet the demand of your consumers no matter what marketplace you choose to go through!

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