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The eCommerce Fulfillment BOOM in Nevada

Updated: May 10

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Fulfillment

Nearly $60 billion dollars a year is generated by the hotel and tourism in Las Vegas... In one of the fastest growing cities in the United States it's easy to understand why so many businesses and residents are relocating here.

Thanks to the ever growing harsh business and housing markets in Southern California Las Vegas has seen a surge of e-commerce growth. With behemoths such as Amazon opening multiple fulfillment centers around the area, this surge of industry has sparked many online retailers to follow suite and move their fulfillment needs to warehouses throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

The Las Vegas market has become a centralized hub for fulfillment in the southwest United States. Averaging 1 day delivery times to each surrounding state and boasting 2 day times across much of the country, this area is booming for business.

Leaving California to Las Vegas

Leaving California The cost of doing business in Southern California is forcing more and more businesses to flee the state for Las Vegas. Known for being a more tax and business friendly city, Las Vegas has seen a steady influx of both large and small industrial companies taking root here. Over the last 3 years Las Vegas has seen some of its lowest industrial and commercial vacancy rates in decades. The Fulfillment industry has taken root and manufacturers are driving those online retail sales. Fulfillment centers in Las Vegas have especially been helped by this overall influx. Thousands of new residents means thousands of new workers, some of which are the most qualified and experienced warehouse associates this industry has ever seen.

What the residents of Las Vegas have known for years (location,location,location) it's now becoming apparent to many online retailers as well. The wave of online sales is growing 10 fold and with an estimated 4 trillion dollars a year in sales just on the horizon the smartest location to use for all your ecommerce fulfillment needs is Fabulous Las Vegas.

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