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Increase your eCommerce business awareness efficiently


So it’s no secret that the pandemic boosted eCommerce sales. It’s even guesstimated that the industry will reach $5 trillion this year. (Reference) But did you know there is on average 15% yearly average increase in growth on eCommerce sales?

There is an easy explanation for this expansive growth. The industry simply put, demands it. There’s roughly 24 million eCommerce sites out there! That’s a whole lot of backlinks, SEO management, and client retention! So how would you be able to keep up with all the demand when you’re also trying to keep up with the competition of other brands? With the right methods, you can drive traffic to any store and drive success to your business.

Regardless of what types of goods you’re looking to sell. These tips were about to go over with you are essential to any business as well as how you could be exploiting the best efforts to sell more products to your consumers.

To sell to consumers, you need to think like one. Logically, we will always prefer to buy a product that comes from a trusted source. Would you rather buy a Louis Vuitton Bag from Louis Vuitton directly or from a third-party website with fewer reviews just because it’s cheaper? Therefore, a lot of platforms will use a method of verification to prove the worth of an item to its consumers to outsell fakes and competitors. The same method can be applied to platforms that can boost growth or drive traffic to your website.

Using trusted advertising agencies over newer ones is ideal because they’ve earned their right to be reputable. They sell quality over quantity! Maybe you’re hesitant to spend that extra bit of revenue on someone else to run the metric data to drive potential sales, but if you’re reading this post for the sake of education, chances are you’re more in need of assistance than you think. Ad agencies are effective, and with the right company, not only can they get the job done correctly, but they can make a night and day difference for your business’ growth.

Brand awareness is like gossip. It’s the digital word of mouth that travels between consumers that lets other consumers know about your business and increases customer retention. But how exactly can you do that on your own without an already established audience? Social media is your friend. Posting regularly on social media and interacting with local clientele or influencers can impact sales more than you think. This is a well-documented SEO strategy that works fantastically.

Another way to keep retention with your potential consumer is to insight return with an older method of contact, emails. The digital age is evolving every day and emails may be out of the limelight with the rise of new ways of communication. However, email still remains a reliable business tool that is used more than we think. With a fool-proof email marketing campaign, you can successfully drive sales to your business and even make existing customers come back for more. Offering incentives to newsletter subscribers like discounts or exclusive perks can help incentivize them to return frequently.

But knowing this tactic is half the battle. You need effective and unique emails to grab the reader’s attention! Using images, linking educational articles, and being consistent with the content you provide are essential to a good email strategy. 59% of people that proactively read their emails also will notice the effort that is put into them, if it’s done correctly, you can see a real rise in sales that you’ll be proud of.

Don’t just stop at emails though! Mobile is the new wave/standard to eCommerce sales as on average 60% of sales are spent via mobile over traditional methods. This is also alarming popular with smaller retailers compared to larger brands as they are the ones primarily focused on the mobile market compared to pre-existing brands stuck in traditional ways. With this said its ideal to make your brand mobile friendly to please a expansive and lucrative market. If you’re using a web builder like Wix or Wordpress, mobile integration is about as seamless as it is to get out of bed and start your day.

How exactly can you build your reputation between your consumers so that you can gain more Business awareness beyond the scope of what you can do? Reviews provide future clients insight on your business and its authenticity. Reviews leave about 270% positive conversion rates between other consumers and 97% of consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by reviews. One way most businesses increase review metrics is asking clients for reviews after a purchase is made or delivered (also sometimes by email and not just after checkout!)

Some businesses will take everything said into account and apply them all at once! I.e. a customer buys a product from your website, an email receipt is sent to them after checkout and from there the option of a survey will be listed. Once the survey is filled out the recipient is rewarded with a coupon code for their time. Applying all the methods like this is beyond effective as it allows you to hit all bases at once and will for sure increase sales, reviews, site retention, and business awareness.

Third-party site reviews help just as much too! Third-party review sites provide great backlinks for SEO rankings. (Increased site visibility.) So don’t feel discouraged thinking they are taking away from your business, chances are they help more than they hurt you. A Review on a site like Yelp is beyond beneficial as it’s a globally respected and well reputable site for seeing reviews on food locations, products, and services.

These are all effective ways to grow your business. They may seem like small articulate details that may not be necessary. But we don’t think you’ll be saying that for long once the numbers begin to climb. The best part is you’ll have your own audience and clients to thank for your growth! We will continue on next week for more tips and tricks on dominating the eCommerce industry.

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