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Headless eCommerce and its role in Good Business Strategy.

What is Headless commerce you ask? Let us inform you! Headless commerce by definition (not our words) is the architecture of a website that provides personality and flair to a user’s experience while supplying the tools necessary to drive sales, accurate pricing, a powerful infrastructure, high-end security, well-established checkout, and basically everything essential to an eCommerce website.

But why is this even important to know? Most sites offer seamless integrations not just between platforms but also for the sake of the consumer to provide their own flair. It’s because uniqueness sells in any industry. Being different from your competition can make you stand out in ways that will only provide positive benefits.

Back when eCommerce was first taking off, we had what was called Monolithic websites. Sites that would only give you what was necessary to provide products and services to your consumers. Some websites still use this method, such as eBay. However, the modern age has evolved the needs of the consumer, and websites like Amazon’s are controlling the narrative for personality and consumer relations. Your business can be credible and have plenty of great products, but your reviews can be taking a hit if your website lacks the visual representation it needs!

ebay listings black mountain fulfillment
Ebay's design arguably hasn't changed over the years.

Having a great flair for your website adds the necessary depth you need to be able to convince your potential customers to buy your products. It can be from basic elements like landing pages that ask site visitors to signup for newsletters or even adding a customizable checkout page so the customer knows exactly where to go when they need it. All these articulate and small details really help in putting everything together and will really benefit your site’s traffic and business growth!

To finalize, Headless commerce is the artistic value your site brings to your audience that differentiates you from your competitors. It is vital to your brand’s growth that you create a more personal approach so that you can relate better to the average consumer.

This is why we took the step in redoing our website back in May. At Black Mountain Fulfillment, we know that a good visual product will have more opportunities to sell then a basic and bland one would. We recommend you browse our sites other pages for yourself, check out our about us page and learn about our team in an exciting new way.

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