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Why is Relationship Marketing so vital to a business?

Relationship marketing is a term not frequently used in the eCommerce business. eCommerce is all about selling goods online, shipping your products via a 3PL service, and delivering it to the consumer. There really is no point of contact between you and the consumer interested in your products, so why should you bother? That’s what today's article will cover!

Relationship marketing is all about building a valuable connection between you and your consumers. It helps to build brand awareness which we mentioned in a previous article you can read on about [ here ]

It allows you to create the best brand possible for your customers as well as discover what products will be in demand. It’s a bit different from the traditional approach like transactional marketing. Sure that’s a foolproof way of getting someone to purchase your products but what if you could double your sales profits by keeping them coming for more?

A good rule of thumb in this scenario is that a valuable customer is one that stays a customer. Yes, we just made that quote up, but it’s true! For small businesses every sale counts, and if you’re able to keep the attention of your customers long enough to generate a second or even third lead? That could end up having a major increase in revenue stream! Therefore, methods like gamification or loyalty programs are having such praise these days. Being able to keep your customers on track with your brand’s ideals that they keep coming back to check up on updates and new product releases gives you major growth potential and revenue benefits.

The best part about keeping the attention of loyal customers also could lead to the most organic promotion you could ever ask for, word of mouth! When a brand is so ideal to a person, typically they’ll mention it in open conversation. Or get asked questions about those products/services when others notice it. This leads to referrals, another method of promotion most businesses are capitalizing on.

Nike and Black Mountain Fulfillment.
Nike is an iconic fashion retailer. (we are not affiliated)

Some tips you can implement with this knowledge as well is that your brand needs to have its mark known to your current customers. Think of Nike, when it was first beginning to “take shape” the iconic swoosh branding was the method that really got others talking about their products. It has become a revolutionary staple icon that everyone knows about now and that was really expressed thanks to organic business growth and practices that were followed like above. Good branding and consistent upkeep with your consumers can help benefit your business’s longevity and growth potential.

Knowing what your audience wants is also a major plus. Many businesses have fallen when they tried too hard on trial-and-error research and followed through on products no one asked for. The best way to be in the know of what your customer’s requests would be is to invest in feedback tools that allow former and current customers to leave reviews on products that may be selling poorly. Or even greatly so you can understand what needs to be replicated.

None of this however would be possible if you don’t have the right fulfillment partner. Imagine your customer receives products too late because they never went out for shipment on time? Or if it arrived damaged or missing critical parts needed to fulfill the product it must get sent back, making you pay for additional shipping return and inventory fees. With Black Mountain Fulfillment we can guarantee same-day fulfillment on all your orders and at an amazingly competitive price! Book or call us today for a free quote on our services .

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