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Which CSM Website builder is right for you?

90% of businesses that start up fail within the first 120 days. This is largely due to the fact that most of these businesses lack the knowledge required to run an online business. Believe it or not, but some businesses don’t even have a website either. This is probably why they don’t last long. Knowing your business is one thing but being able to adapt to the times and utilizing modern tools to grow your business is another.

Beyond not having websites, and poor performance stats, other factors of businesses failing could be lack of cash flow management, high competition, and even lack of customer service (website standards). You would think that especially thanks to the pandemic, more brands would have picked up on the eCommerce standards and built the brands for the betterment of society. Sadly this is not the case, this is where you could be making the leap others wouldn’t.

So how can you build the right website and know what are the best tools to utilize? Let's start with the basics. Let's talk about tech stacks!

Tech stacks are the building blocks of an application. They could consist of many different services and integrations that run the front end of the website, what your consumer would see. They also provide the coding languages on the back end or server side of a website. The great thing about the eCommerce industry is there are thousands of different integrations that help ease this workflow and create intuitive programs that make the buying process seamless for the consumer.

We do need to mention there are many different programs out there. CSMs (online website builders) provide the tools you need to create a tech stack that can run your business. All with their own unique features of course. It can be a bit intimidating to know which one to use. This is entirely up to you to decide which one you think offers exactly what you need to be able to run your business/website. You’ll have to research this for yourself but once you have a good one in mind, be prepared to deep dive into your creative mindset and unleash your brand’s true potential. Some great options out there include:

· Wix

· Shopify

· Magento

Our website was built with Wix which is why we highly recommend it, but we used to use Wordpress and know that for some businesses this could be the better option. This is just proof that even though there are many different options to choose from, knowing your business plan and its needs, you have to decide for yourself which CMS is right for you by doing the research to see what they all offer compared to one another.

Now we imagine that if you're reading this, you are already established when it comes to your business plan and what it is you're trying to produce and sell. So once you have a good concept in mind and you finally execute creating a website for your brand. You're gonna need a warehousing service to protect your product before it goes out to your consumers. So why not give us a call? Black Mountain Fulfillment can not only provide storage, but we can even pack your product before it goes out through the shipping process!

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