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What some eCommerce brands are doing right!

Updated: Apr 9

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There are many eCommerce brands shipping their products to their customers in warehouses that are several states away. Amazon, the reigning facilitator of fulfillment had been there from the beginning. And this leaves most of these brands with little to no say with regard to what happens behind the scenes. Which is something we will discuss in this section along with other strategies for improvement, and an overview of some brands that are doing eCommerce fulfillment right.

There are five out of every ten purchases where a consumer selects whatever is available when it comes time for checkout, or takes what they're offered when placing an order on Amazon. Retailers need to build their own distribution if they plan on differentiating themselves while retaining their relationship with consumers. But sometimes the economy or current client reach is preventing progress towards this ideal. This is where fulfillment centers like Black Mountain would come in. Not just acting as a middle man, a fulfillment center can be there for your warehousing and distribution of your product before you can afford the services on your own!

So what companies are currently taking full advantage of these kinds of services? It's simple, practically everyone is! Major label companies like Nike, fashion leaders like Versace or Banana Republic, and even electronics mega powers like Nvidia; Shipping their products to a 3PL (Third-party Logistics) center allows companies to get their products to their consumers faster, and cuts costs in many corners!

Why should you follow suit though? Just because a company is doing something one way doesn't always imply you should do it too right? In this case, we beg to differ, the money you spend on owning a warehouse for your products would be cutting deep into your revenue stream for your brand. There are also extra fees you could inquire about from shipping partners you'd directly work with like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and even DHL. These fees definitely stack and never go unnoticed. This is why we highly recommend you speak with a fulfillment center to fulfill your needs without breaking the bank.

Companies like Amazon, RubyHas, Rakuten, and Black Mountain all offer a service that is slowly becoming a commodity. Prices are only going to get higher as the demand gets increasingly challenging to maintain, we highly recommend that in order to make the most out of your time, effort, and business, you get involved!

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