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The Top Retailers in the market

Let's take a look at some of the current best of the best in this in-depth blog post!

We will be going over who is currently the most influential and highest earning retailer across the globe. The list may surprise you.

  • Walmart - $460 Billion

Walmart is currently the number 1 retailer marketer in terms of overall revenue stream. They own the biggest retail supply chain in the country with over 10,000 stores and nearly 2.3 million employees. In most recent news, they recently added Paramount+ as an added benefit to Walmart+ subscribers at no additional cost. Walmart strives at keeping its rates as low as possible while still keeping up with consumer demand, despite rising inflation.

  • Amazon - $220 Billion

Amazon is the world's biggest provider of eCommerce fulfillment. With a database of over 2 million third-party sellers, amazon owns over 1000 warehouses in the United States alone. They recently ordered another 330! With over 50 distribution centers to other countries, Amazon is currently one of the most influential and well-connected brands on the planet. Besides Warehousing, Amazon plans to get into the real estate business by purchasing land for affordable energy efficient homes in Seattle as part of their greener initiative.

  • Costco Wholesale - $141 Billion

Originated in 1976, Costco is a private turned public membership bulk wholesale food warehousing company with only 800 stores across the globe. They offer insanely competitive rates for large quantities of food as long as you're a member. Currently Costco supplies bulk groceries for over 116 million members generating a massive profit monthly. Costco also is a great opportunity for careers as it currently employs nearly 300,000 employees globally.

  • Home Depot - $130 Billion

Home Depot is the largest construction and DIY eCommerce seller on the planet. With 2,800 stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico and supplying over 500,000 jobs. Home Depot provides tools, resources, and materials required to complete Do-It-Yourself projects. Founded in 1978, Home Depot has over 35,000 products sold in stores and over a million online. Talk about an eCommerce push!

  • Kroger - $130 Billion

Kroger is a food and drug distribution company founded back in 1883 with the simple goal of providing goods and services to local communities. Kroger has accomplished a strong foothold in the United States with 2,800 stores in over 38 states. They also sell goods online and work directly with pharmaceuticals to provide medical care to patients at a moment's notice.

  • Walgreens - $110 Billion

Walgreens, like Kroger, is a drug and pharmaceutical company founded in 1901 with a vision of being able to provide care and aid to those in need at a moment's notice. Walgreens works directly with medical care providers and third-party distributors with over 13,000 stores across the globe! However, in recent news, Walgreens is starting to close some stores as part of their push to a more eCommerce branding.

  • Target - $105 Billion

Target is a retail clothing and appliance store that has been around since the 60s with over 400,000 employees under its wing. They offer a wide range of products at over 2,000 locations in the United States alone. They also have a wider catalog offered to online customers and work with a large handful of reputable name brands.

The majority of these companies are major retailers that offer more than just one product or product type. This allows them to incentivize consumers to spend their earnings here, where they can get all they could ever need in one location.

Moreover, all of these companies have or have begun to establish a strong online presence to keep up with the consumer demand. At the revenue they are pulling too, they own their own distribution centers and warehouses because they can afford it.

Fees that come from storing your products especially if they require special care (like refrigeration) can be a pretty costly penny. The best course of action would be to go through a 3PL provider until you can provide a profitable income to own your own warehouse space.

So why not check us out? Here at Black Mountain, we provide competitive rates here within the Las Vegas Valley right across from the commercial airport where your products can not only be stored but can also be shipped by our shipping partners at a moment's notice to your customer's doorstep in a secure and reliable manner.

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