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Our New Website, and YOU.

Our new website and you photo art for black mountain fulfillment

We haven't officially dedicated a blog post to our website. Now with its vibrant and modernized look, we believe it's imperative that we go over some of the best the site has to offer for our future clients.

The Homepage

The cream of the crops on this is definitely our homepage, our design philosophy was simple; offer something visually appealing that also spoke about our brand. We utilized a color palette already similar to our branding. Then we looked at some of the templates WordPress had to offer but if we were being honest here, we weren't exactly blown away by the designs WordPress designed. They didn't resonate with us and our standards.

So we took to WIX

The difference between WIX and WordPress is you are not constricted to a template design, you have full control of how your website is gonna turn out and look. Our web designer got to work and started crafting something that truly gave us the Black Mountain Fulfillment vibe.

You can see the homepage for yourself here:

Clients Page

We are running a business here, what kind of business would we be without our testimonials section? We are appreciative of all the clients we get to work with and provide our services. The best part is now this page is fully adaptive to our client's design needs too. If we wanted to showcase their products or give more information on their brand, we have the means of accomplishing those tasks.

See our client testimonials here!

About Us Page

Our team is the foundation of our business, we want to give them the limelight as much as we can. This page allows us to go over the stories and individuals that helped Black Mountain become what it is today. We look that the theme from the homepage is so prominent that it transitions into all of our other pages.

to learn more about our mission statement and our employees, visit this page!

Blog Page

We are a fulfillment center so why should we need a blog? To captivate our readers of course! We like to provide easy influence to those we can potentially work with or at least answer the questions they might have. This is currently where you are right now! How does it look?

Contact Page

We want to break down any barriers between us and you. We are available between 8 am pacific time to 4 pm pacific time to answer any questions you might have about our business, 3PL services, and sales questions for client services. This side of our page shows more than just the basic contact info, there's an interactive google map that shows our current warehouse location too, and a form you can contact us from via email if the phone is too much of a hassle for you.

Jobs Page

We got to partner with and integrate HTML code designed by JotForms. They allow us to host an interactive and at a pace experience for our site viewers. You are guided page by page and asked questions throughout the process to further our knowledge about you. This way we can effectively see if you are a potential candidate for a future job listing here at Black Mountain.

We may have positions available right now, so why hesitate? Apply here.

Final Thoughts

We are thrilled to have you here on our site, we worked hard to provide a quality experience for those that visit and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! If you are interested in learning more about how we developed our site you can visit our CMS partner here. If you are interested in working with a passionate and determined 3PL service in the modern age then give us a call!

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