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One Website to Rule them All.

Updated: May 9, 2022

Out with the old, In with the new!

We have designed an entirely new website design that integrates with our brand's theme.

Thanks in partnership with the amazing talent over at Wix we can provide a more consumer-friendly experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. To be clear, nothing about our business and how we operate is affected or going to change. However, the only thing that is changing is our website partner from WordPress to Wix. Wix has given us the tools needed to better assist us in our brand's future as well as supply us with the fresh coat of paint you're now enjoying today! Let us do a quick rundown of some of the features you can expect from the upgraded website as well as our expectations going into the future:

  • Pages: Home, Contact, Clients, About us, Blog have been redesigned to our new theme

  • Blog now updates and can even show newsworthy info from our partners

  • The site has a new mobile-friendly appeal

  • Dynamic effects on the home page

  • Links to our new social media platforms are posted throughout the website as well as on the static header.

Our Home page is the first page you see when you visit our site; As such, we felt the need to revitalize the structure of our website by bringing along our brand's theme into the website, moving away from WordPress. This theme carries over to all of our web pages! Information is still highly visible which takes us to our next talking point. Wix was able to give us the tools needed to fully optimize our site for mobile viewing! Meaning there should be no issues when you visit any of our web pages when you're on the go! Although we must note the dynamic effects you would get on your desktop will not carry over to the mobile version of the site as the tech behind it would not be supported. Nonetheless, however, the site works just as fine, and all elements of the site work just as intended excluding one; our contact form.

The contact form Wix provides would not work to scale as we initially intended when switching to mobile view, So we found that with the help of the wonderful individuals from we can automate and monitor responses with their HTML embed form tool without losing the features and practicality that Wix provides. Allowing you to still submit contact forms when you are on the go!

The blog will now be updated on a regular weekly basis covering all of our operational progress and will continue to indulge you in reading tips on the trade and any other random business-related advice we can give.

We have new social prospects! With the assistance of a new social media team, we are venturing into getting involved with Instagram and Twitter. While continuing our venture with Facebook as well! If you're curious or want to follow us, visit our Twitter/Instagram here: If you have any other social networks you think would be a great fit, feel free to comment below!

That about wraps up this blog post, we are extremely excited to be working with Wix and Monday as we better our brand and dive deeper into the future of Black Mountain Fulfillment. Make sure to tune in next week for our next blog post where we talk one on one with our CEO Brian Lint!

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