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Local Las Vegas Fulfillment Center Now Hiring: Black Mountain Fulfillment

We recently added a new page to our website: Jobs!

Here at Black Mountain, we pride ourselves that we can offer everyone great competitive pay and competitive salaries and a second home in the fulfillment industry, despite the rising inflation and current economic struggles around the nations job market.

We offer not only competitive pay, but also a great amount of insight into the world of Fulfillment and third-party logistics services.

Warehousing has seen a tremendous increase in demand over the last few years. The pandemic actually benefited the industry when eCommerce brands were being bought exponentially when everyone was stuck at home. Luckily for us, the boom hasn't stopped even after all was said and done with Covid-19, if we're being realistic -- it doesn't seem like it will either.

This is why we are looking for helping hands! We are looking for hard-working and determined individuals from all backgrounds. We pride ourselves as an equal opportunity employer and hold no prejudice here.

Job duties as a Warehouse associate could include:

  • Process, package, and ship orders within the designated time frame while maintaining quality and accuracy.

  • Handle packages that range in size from small envelopes to large boxes weighing up to 49 pounds.

  • Be willing and able to operate warehouse equipment; Including carts, dollies, hand trucks, forklifts and other moving equipment to move large quantities of merchandise

  • Organize stocks and maintain inventory levels

  • Inspect products for defects and damages

  • Examine incoming and outgoing shipments for accuracy

  • Organize the warehouse space

  • Abide by all company safety and hygiene regulations

  • Contribute ideas on ways to improve or optimize warehousing procedures

  • Keep the warehouse work environment clean and safe daily

But we do want to stress the urgency to apply, last month we had over 200 applicants and only so many spots to fill at our facility. With expansion on the way, well need many hands on deck but we cant hire everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Don't tell yourself you'll apply later, get your foot in the door and come to a workplace you'll actually want to be a part of while we still continue to grow! You can apply either on our job form page, or find any Black Mountain Fulfillment listing on your preferred employment search site.

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