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If Disney is Doing it, You Should too! (E-Commerce shift)

In 2021, mega-corporation Disney, announced they are dropping their brick and mortar stores commonly found in malls and shopping centers. About 30% of their stores (60 stores) in North America were canned. Rumor has it they also plan on doing the same thing over in Europe. The reason? e-Commerce.

Disney has realized that there is more potential revenue stream if all of their eggs are in the basket of e-Commerce rather than brick-and-mortar stores. Lets face it, even without the pandemic this was kind of more of a matter of time before this happened. Less and less people are going physically to stores when there are easier ship-to-door options like Amazon or eBay.


A new initiative set by Disney to really incentivize e-Commerce-based purchases for not just the average site visitor around the world, but also the park visitors are being set in motion. A new app developed with Disney allows the guests to interact at the theme parks around the world and promote business marketing strategies and merchandise to the consumer after said interactions on the app. Pushing reservations, extra features, and merchandise to those willing that wouldn’t know better otherwise.

In addition, they are also expanding on their merchandising the consumer can see online. Normally, most of their products would be locked exclusively to either just their theme parks or to their brick-and-mortar stores. They only had select availability to their original respective web platforms. Now that’s all changed, almost all products developed under the Disney name are featured on their new e-Commerce website and are available with incentivizing options like free shipping or add-on exclusives just as quick and seamless as Amazon Prime, their competitor.

When it comes to a company as monumental as Disney, and knowing they are following this business strategy through and through, this is something we, as business start-ups or even professional entrepreneurs, cant just dismiss. This is one of the biggest switch-ups in the industry to this date and it will have a major role to play in the coming years as all other companies will soon begin to follow this pattern to keep up with the consumer demand. In order for us to succeed in this ever-changing market, we gotta learn from this!

Connecting all of your services with one another creates not just potential revenue streams between your consumers but can effectively make your products a community all on its own. Take for example a clothing brand like Adidas.

Adidas Checkout Preview Black Mountain Fulfillment

Or really any clothing brand for that matter. (Which proves our point that every company will follow suit if the concept works.) When you're on a checkout screen they promote their other services and products, enticing their prospects to buy more, and sometimes it'll be items tailored to their previous site history. In this image, we are buying shoes and therefore its promoting socks to go with them.

So, if you're planning on making the shift to an e-Commerce market why do all the research and work when we can do It for you?! We here at Black Mountain Fulfillment can fulfill your every need from ordering, packing, shipping, and even warehousing of your products and services direct to you consumer! We also offer same-day fulfillment as your best 3PL provider! Feel free to call us or head on over to the contact us page for more information. 702-208-2463

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