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Apple Pay is Expanding its Outreach so you can too!

Apple is making big improvements to its payment service "Apple Pay".

Apple Pay is Expanding Blog Post by Black Mountain Fulfillment

The iconic tech giant recently made a bold move of increasing the global outreach of its highly functional service, Apple Pay, to the country of Malaysia.

This may not seem important to someone that doesn't live there, however, this is one step further in getting the software into the hands of every consumer on Earth. Allowing digital payments and effectively, digital sales to increase tenfold.

Apple Pay now Accepts payments in Malaysia
Apple Pay now Accepts payments in Malaysia

Thanks to this announcement, Apple Pay now serves a total of 70 countries. Apple pay is becoming the new industry-standard method of payment too. With it accounting for a total of 92% of mobile payments and providing a 43.9% increase in mobile payment market shares.

This wasn't the only thing Apple did to improve its service.

They also recently allowed for the service to work alongside other browsers rather than just Safari (Apple's own internet browser software.) With Apple Pay now being accessible on users, favorite browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and even Apple's competitor, Edge, the functionality of Apple Pay is proving itself worthy of anyone's attention.

This feature, however, won't be available until mid-fall when IOS 16 is expected to release to the public, around the same time the next iPhone iteration (iPhone 14) is expected to release.

Preview of ID feature on Apple Wallet
Preview of ID feature on Apple Wallet

Another intriguing but new feature you can enjoy right now though, is the addition of Apple Pay working seamlessly with Apple Wallet to allow you to add your personal IDs as a method of identification.

This is a huge step in the process of allowing for online sales because this can speed up the process of digital goods or even bypass laws that would otherwise prevent security or legal issues when buying products with an age requirement.

Currently, the feature is very limited, only allowing it to be used as a method of verification for TSA or security checkpoints, it also only is allowed in specific locations like Arizona, Mississippi, Ohio, or Puerto Rico, (more here.) This is because the process of allowing the use of this feature is a manual process approved by their respected state and not by Apple.

Overtime though, we don't see why this feature wouldn't be rolling out to more and more states if not countries as the security level provided by Apple has been a globally respected solution, like we said above too, the potential for further outreach in digital sales can prove very profitable with the aid of Apple Pay.

Just imagine it, your company being able to ship globally to any consumer on the planet just with the touch of their phone to a device or even through online payment, and you wouldn't have to do any boring legal work because apple would take care of it for you. There is something Apple can't take care of though, outsourcing your product.

With Black Mountain by your side, we guarantee that your product will reach your consumer at an alarmingly fast rate. We work with multiple shipping partners to make sure your expectations are met. Give us a call now to find out the best solution to getting your products out to the world!

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